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California Supreme Court Affirms Prop 22’s Worst Fears

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California Supreme Court Worst Fears

Find out what the California Supreme Court Worst Fears are. Razavi Law Group took note last week when the California Supreme Court dealt another setback to three rideshare drivers, a rideshare passenger, and the Service Employee International Union (SEIU). The bench dismissed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Proposition 22.   

The highly debated and heavily funded proposition passed in November with 58 percent of the vote. Labor unions, activists, and plaintiff attorneys remain critical of the proposition due to its far-reaching goal to deregulate workers’ rights as it further curbs the safety of drivers and rideshare passengers

Uber, Lyft, and the app-based delivery service Instacart claim the new law will provide drivers with job security through deregulation. Employees are now firmly classified as “independent contractors.” The $200 million spent through indirect lobbying in favor of the proposition is the most expensive in California history. 

“Every day, rideshare drivers like me struggle to make ends meet because companies like Uber and Lyft prioritize corporate profits over our wellbeing,” rideshare driver and Plaintiff against Uber, Saori Okawa told Razavi Law Group before the decision. With Prop 22, they’re not just ignoring our health and safety — they’re discarding our state’s constitution.” 

Razavi Law Group is ready, willing, and able to protect app-based drivers from accidents that occurred on the job and passengers left behind and at risk as a result of the rideshare power grab.