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Razavi Law Group
Based on 136 reviews
Razavi Law Group
Based on 166 reviews
mitra T.
After being involved in a car accident, I contacted Razavi Law Group for assistance. They provided me with excellent service and were able to quickly resolve my case. The staff were very friendly and kept in close contact with me throughout the process. Overall, I am very satisfied with their service and would highly recommend them.
Jessica V.
I want to thank the Razavi Law Group team for being so attentive and time sensitive with my case. Not only did Ali Razavi, Veronica , and Nicole go the…
Jonathan S.
Wen I tell you they fight for you they do they took on 2 different cases for me and I was satisfied with what I go I appreciate them so much thank I Recommend them to everyone
Matin W.
Such a great law group. Worked closely with Tim and Samantha and they did an amazing job getting everything and order and making sure my needs were met. The…
gordon C.
best firm to contact. no headaches, no hounding, no stress. Most professional team and always in communication.
Christina Z.
Am grateful found Razavi Law Group, thank you Veronica & Sammantha for their kind, professional, patiently, went above and beyond to help and supported me…
Joshua G.
I was fortunate enough to have Tim Hunt and Samantha working on my case. They worked tirelessly and are the type of people who work in the best interest of the client rather then themselves. I never once had to worry and was kept updated till the very end. I highly recommend you give Razavi Law Group a call (and ask for Tim and Samantha) if you are ever in need of an injury lawyer as they will make sure you get compensated for your injuries.
Jose L.
I am grateful to have had Attorney Veronica Buckels by my side during this legal journey. She provided me with peace of mind and a successful resolution to…
Erin C.
Veronica at Razavi Law Group did excellent work on my case and my settlement was far more than expected. It was a pleasure doing business with her at Razavi Law Group.
Teressa F.
I had a positive experience working with Razavi Law Group. From the moment I reached out for a consultation to the resolution of my case, they demonstrated…
Jessica V.
I want to thank the Razavi Law Group team for being so attentive and time sensitive with my case. Not only did Ali Razavi, Veronica , and Nicole go the extra mile to make sure that all my needs were met. They also followed up promptly and genuinely cared about my situation. I have nothing but positive things to say about each of them and their professionalism that they take the extra mile. Not only would I recommend my own family to them, I would recommend close friends as well. You definitely are in good hands with the Razavi team.
Jennifer D.
Razavi Law is an awesome company ran by some amazing people. I definitely recommend giving them a call.
Teressa F.
I had a positive experience working with Razavi Law Group. From the moment I reached out for a consultation to the resolution of my case, they demonstrated professionalism, expertise, and genuine care for my well-being. The legal team was highly responsive and kept me informed throughout the entire process, making sure I understood every step of my personal injury claim. Their dedication resulted in a favorable outcome, and I couldn’t be happier with the service I received. I highly recommend Razavi Law Group to anyone in need of legal assistance for personal injury matters.
Daniel A.
From day one, Attorney Ali Razavi exhibited an unparalleled level of professionalism and dedication. He took the time to thoroughly understand my case,…
Daniel A.
From day one, Attorney Ali Razavi exhibited an unparalleled level of professionalism and dedication. He took the time to thoroughly understand my case, ensuring that I felt heard and supported throughout the process. I can’t thank him enough and highly recommended this law firm to anyone in search of a PI attorney.
Ana S.
First of all, I just want to say the Razavi group and everyone that works There are excellent professional and nice they listen to work hard in my case.,…
Paul H.
Greetings to All, especially to those who have forgot the word patience is “always the Virtue” along this Journey.However I want to Genuinely compliment the RAZAVI LAW GROUP, all of their exceptional Team Players, Ms. Paloma , Nicole and Gabe, and Ali for resolving my prolonged Car Accident (with Injuries sustained 2019).The English dictionary has not complied words nor semantics which express my pain and joy, along this Journey that is part of The Socialization process.To the Human Beings that have doubts or questions regarding Theses 15 letters above ,may i suggest you reread this genuine Praise and compliment i have given to these Diligently Law Group,, Team Players which are located in Mission Viejo and Santa Ana/Tustin borders .Once again i genuinely thank you Ali and Gabe and all of your Exceptional Classy Team Players.By the way I must not forget Ms. Amber she is beyond exceptional and genuinely Professional,just as the entire Ali Razavi,Law Firm,so if by unfortunate luck you are in an accident,this Law Firm are the answer to your Journey through life’s up and downs.08/03/2023Thee Counselor
Andy O.
Just want to give Amber and Cameron a huge shoutout for helping me with my case. The quick responses, the guidance, and the recommendations they all provide…
Eve B.
I am one though customer. They really worked with me. Tim Hunt did an amazing job. He kept on top of everything and was patient with me. I definitely recommend them,. They get you the help you need evn if you are picky and grouchy.
Jeff L.
Have never needed or utilized the services of a Personal Injury Attorney until last year, after nearly being killed while riding my motorcycle by a careless…
Jeremy T.
This was my first experiencing this type of claim. RAZAVI Law group made it very easy process. They explain to me what’s going to happen. Answered all the…
Ernest James Devin Otto Dimi R.
From beginning to end, the Razavi Law Group went above and beyond my expectations. The two individuals who were with me my entire case were my case manager, Paloma and my attorney, Tim.Paloma was extremely diligent and timely in all forms of communication and helping set local appointments for my injury. She also relayed information from the attorney (Tim), and got me in touch with him whenever I needed.I was more than lucky to have Tim assigned to me as my attorney. Aside from being extremely professional and informative of the entire legal process, he was extremely patient, charismatic, and thorough. He is truly passionate about his job and his clients no matter the size of their case. Any questions or confusion I had regarding any step of the process, Tim was always more than happy to take an extra couple of minutes to explain and clarify.I am very happy to have found this law group, but more specifically, these two individuals.
David N.
I had the unfortunate experience of being involved in a car accident that left me with persistent neck and back pain. Desperate for professional guidance, I…
Nancy K
Dealing with a personal injury can be emotionally and mentally draining. You can feel overwhelmed easily. Ali and his team are not just attorneys, they care about you as a whole person.As an owner, Ali doesn’t hesitate to take your call. He means it when he says call anytime. One time he called back while on vacation. The entire group has strong work ethic and compassion. You want to be around these people when dealing with an injury.
Lisa C.
Razavi Law Group really fought for me on my accident. I was so happy I decided to hire them to represent me in my case. I was trying to do it on my own…
Ricardo M.
My family got into an accident and found Rasavi Law Group. I can’t say enough how much they help us out. Always kept us informed with updates and what’s going on with out case. They will work for the better outcome for you. If we had a question through email or if we called they would get back to us very quickly. Made this process as easy and zero stress on our side. Amazing people thanks again!!
Natalie O.
I truly don’t think there’s enough space on here to express my extreme gratitude and admiration for the people that work at Razavi Law Group. A little…
Cassandra P.
Could not be happier with this Law Group. I have never been put in a position to get legal help due to an auto accident and injury but I am so happy I went with them.Gabe was my attorney and he was beyond professional and thorough. He was patient and honest; he walked me through every step. It was a very difficult time for me physically and emotionally but Gabe and the staff at Razavi Law Group took care of everything. I completely recommend them!
Abedi H.
I am very grateful for the help I receive from Razavi law group.Ali is very professional .he explain everything in detail and at any time I need them they…
Nader H.
When I was struck by a motorist while riding my bicycle, the last thing I wanted to think about was how I was going to deal with my insurance company, the motorist’s insurance company, and the stacking bills from the hospital and from my ongoing treatments. Navigating through the deluge of bills and documents, negotiating with insurance companies, and knowing what you are and are not entitled to is not for the faint of heart, especially if you already have a full-time job. Ali Razavi and his team provided incredible care that made me feel comfortable and confident that my issues would be resolved completely and satisfactorily. This allowed me to focus fully on getting the medical care I needed, knowing I had their backing. Their fee was well-earned and I would highly recommend Razavi Law Group to anyone who wants peace of mind and a reliable, honest, and thorough team to handle any accident or personal injury case.
K G.
You simply can NOT find a better lawyer. I am still in disbelief…. has anyone heard of an attorney giving discount to his client on his own fees??? I…
Immanuel W.
I was referred to Razavi Law Group by a close friend after an injury sustained from an auto accident, and they have been nothing short of amazing. Veronica, Amber, and the rest of the team members made sure that I was not only properly guided through the legal process but also healing from the accident. Their work ethic has been incredible from start to finish and I would gladly recommend them to anyone else in need.
Cassandra P.
Go with Razavi Law Group! My attorney and staff were amazing! Gabe was my attorney and I am beyond blessed to have had him as my legal representative. I…
Jackie R.
Sam was super helpful when I called for insurance advice. Thank you Sam for making sure I was taken care of. Much appreciated!! Do not hesitate to reach out to them, they are here to help you!
nancy K.
Dealing with a personal injury claim can be emotionally and mentally draining. I was bitten in the face by a dog. There were some personal relationships…
Noemi L.
The service I received was outstanding. I will be recommending to all my friends and family. 10/10
Gigi T.
I needed help with a legal issue and Razavi Law Group was able to give me a free consulation in less than 5 minutes. I couldn’t be more happy with their…
libby N.
I was recommended to this firm by a friend when I was needing legal advice. She was so happy with the way they helped her that I felt very comfortable going to them. They made everything so easy for me and helped me understand everything as well. Would 10/10 recommend them to anyone seeking legal help, they were really great and so helpful.
Scott F.
Veronica and all the staff, walked me through the whole process and everything very simple to understand. They really fought hard for my case and got me a…
Andrew Guida (SoCal Digital M.
Razavi Law Group is a professional personal injury law firm that has an organized and modern process. I worked with one of the attorneys who kept in contact with me periodically and was able to answer all my questions. If you are searching for a reliable personal injury law firm I would recommend Razavi Law Group.
Pedram H.
My personal injury claim is still open and I am still going through A LOT due to the consequence(s) of my accident but I can tell that without the amazing…
Jennifer B.
A friend recommended this firm to me when I was needing legal advice. She was so pleased with their service so I didn’t hesitate to reach out. They made everything so easy for me (someone who knows nothing about legal stuff) and helped me understand everything as well. Would 10/10 recommend them to anyone seeking legal help, they were really great and so helpful.
Cynthia C.
Thank you Razavi Law Group for taking my call right away. They were able to guide me with all of my legal needs. Thank you once again. I will be coming back.
Peggy G.
Razavi Law Group is an outstanding law firm. I’ve had a lot of different lawyers in the past and RLG is by far the most knowledgeable with personal injuries. They were always available to answer all my questions and always explained the process in great detail, making me feel reassured the entire time. If you need a solid law firm on your side, this is the place.
Andrew D.
All the staff members of Razavi Law Group are very helpful. Mr. Razavi himself is fantastic. Both of my parents were in separate accidents and we could not…
Hollie M.
Extremely professional and answered every question, they helped me every step of the way. Would definitely recommend to anybody who is in need of help.
Lynn G.
I called Razavi law group in late 2020 after getting into an accident. The only regret I have is honestly not calling them sooner! When I got into my…
Mohammadreza H.
The best experience on choosing Razavi law group.They helped me on the worst time of my life . Thank you everyone 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Drea R.
Razavi helped my friends and I when we were in a car accident, took the time to explain what was going to happen in the process and gave us the best…
Lisa T.
Tim Hunt was my attorney for a car accident that I was in. Over the years I’ve dealt with a couple of law firms, So I can save this with the upmost confidence that none of them could hold a candle to this law group! From the moment I got on the phone with them after my accident I was shown compassion, kindness, and that continued on until the very last phone call. I can tell you that with my case they went out of the way to make sure the best possible outcome was achieved. I would highly recommend this law group before you call any other attorney!
Jeremy R.
I was seeking information for a legal situation that I was part in. Razavi Law Group offered me a free consultation and was able to guide me towards what I…
Melinda B
On a rainy day, my rental car was completely totaled, plunging me into a state of shock and overwhelming distress. It was then that I reached out to Razavi Law Group, where Lotte, my case manager, quickly became a source of calm and guidance, helping to ease my initial panic with his professionalism and empathy. From that moment on, the process became significantly less daunting, as the team at Razavi Law Group navigated me through the complexities of my case with expertise and compassion. Their approach not only alleviated my concerns but also transformed what began as a harrowing experience into a journey towards a positive resolution.Given the exceptional support and outcome I experienced, I wholeheartedly recommend Razavi Law Group to my friends and family facing similar legal challenges. Their dedication and expertise not only brought me peace of mind during a tumultuous time but also assured me that anyone I care about would be in the best hands should they ever need legal assistance.
Cimon C.
Thanks RLG for your guidance. Needed some legal help and I couldn’t be more happy. Would recommend to anyone.
Sarah M.
I got in a car accident. It was a hit and run on the freeway. I was revommended to go to Tim at Razavi Law Group and I am SO glad I did. I got over $10,000 put in my pocket for my injury. He rushed to make sure I got the money before my wedding. He made sure I was a priority. He LISTENED. If anything ever happens again I know exactly who to call. Thank you Tim!
Mica L.
I was referred to Razavi Law Group by a colleague of mine after an incident I was in. I so appreciated their quick response and although they weren’t able…
Naraly B.
If you are looking for an outstanding personal injury attorney in Orange county, I highly recommend this law firm. Gabe and Samantha are exceptional individuals that go above and beyond to ensure the best possible outcome for my case. Samantha does an amazing job checking in on you and keeps you updated on your case. Gabe is also amazing at his job and communicates with you in regards to your case. I highly recommend them. Amazing team!You wont be disappointed 🙂
Alexa Rae B.
I contacted Razavi Law Group after an incident. Although they didn’t practice the area I need help on, they were able to refer me and couldn’t be more grateful.
Vintage Sheet B.
I had a very positive experience working with a team that CARES. Car accidents suck! They are painful in so many ways. However, Cameron and Amber instantly put the wheels in motion to make sure I had all the resources that I needed to heal and move on. Thanks Camber!
Frank V.
I had a car accident last year, and was not sure what to do, the person who hit didn’t give me insurance and the whole thing was a complicated mess. My…
Nicole L.
This was my first time being involved in an injury. My experience was beyond five stars. Ali and Borna are extremely knowledgeable, professional, kind, and caring attorneys. I would highly recommend Razavi Law Group. If you read this trust me your search for injury attorney is done. They will walk you through step by step and make sure you are taken care of. It’s there first priority (YOU). Sincerely, Grateful Client! 🙂
Miriam G.
This place works magic. Karissa Abdallah and Cameron Biedgoly helped me on my case. They were both extremely communicative, answered all of my questions…
Molly D.
Thank you for your help on working with the insurance company after being bitten by my neighbors dog.
Paul H.
Greetings to All, especially to those who have forgot the (15 English letters) word Patience is “Always The Virtue “, along this Journey.However I want to…
Layle M.
Last year, I was in a car accident and was injured. My chiropractor recommended me contacting Razavi Law Group, and I never regretted contacting them! The whole office team was caring and responsive. They were able to help me get a settlement to help cover my medical and some extra to cover other losses. Cameron was my main point of contact and he was just the best!! He always knew who I was and I felt like he truly cared about me as a person and not just as a case. I highly recommend them!
Shimi T.
Attorney Ali Razavi and his right hand in my case, Attorney Suliman (“Suli”) Jamal, represented me in a complex injury case. The process can be very long,…
Johanna S.
Razavi Law Group was awesome! They got me and my family way more than we had anticipated after suffering injuries from being rear ended on the freeway by a company truck. They were all very helpful throughout the whole process and remained on top of everything. I would definitely recommend them to family and friends! Thank you Razavi Law Group for all you did we’re forever grateful!
Cassandra T.
Mr. Razavi and those that work with him have always been so helpful and nice. I’ve been able to have Mr. Razavi help me through 2 accidents. Nicole and…
Gianna T.
I needed help with a legal issue and Razavi Law Group was able to give me a free consulation in less than 5 minutes. I couldn’t be more happy with their service! Thank you again!
Nickie G.
I can’t thank Razavi Law Group enough! Everything went extremely smooth and they were very professional throughout the entire process. I highly recommend…
Cristal D.
Thank you Razavi Law Group for taking my call right away.They we’re able to guide me with all my legal needs. Thank you once again.I Will be coming back, thank you!
Valentina R.
Excelente servicio, muy buena atención y buenos resultados!!!
Michelle A.
GREAT service! So helpful with understanding the process. All my questioned were answered. I loved the customer service. Everything about this firm is great, good job everyone !
Matthew G.
Amber and Veronica were very attentive and professional. They went the extra mile at every turn, promptly responded to my inquiries and clearly explained…
Cimon C.
Thanks RLG for your guidance. Needed some legal help and I couldn’t be more happy. Would recommend to anyone.
Gabriela C.
Very professional, very reliable people who helped me get through my case . I couldn’t ask for more better people to helped me . If you need a attorney for…
Hoss F.
Mr. Ali Razavi is an exceptional accident lawyer whose outstanding qualities set him apart in the legal realm. Throughout the entire process, his meticulous attention to detail has been a cornerstone of his practice. It’s evident that he leaves no stone unturned, ensuring that every aspect of your case is thoroughly examined.What truly stands out is Mr. Razavi’s remarkable patience. Dealing with legal matters can be a complex and lengthy journey, and his ability to navigate it with a calm and composed demeanor is truly commendable. He takes the time to explain intricacies, address concerns, and patiently guide clients through each step, fostering a sense of trust and confidence.Most notably, Mr. Razavi’s dedication to achieving the best possible outcome is unwavering. His commitment to your case goes beyond the ordinary, showcasing a genuine passion for securing favorable results. In a field where expertise and advocacy are paramount, Mr. Ali Razavi shines as a beacon of legal prowess, ensuring that his clients receive nothing short of exceptional representation.
Harley O.
Razavi Law worked tirelessly to get the best results for my case! I’m extremely happy with their attentiveness and professionalism. I didn’t have to…
Charniece B.
Excellent service!!! I had the pleasure of working with Samantha (Paralegal) and Gabriel Vigh (Attorney) who were absolute Rockstar’s, but I also want to add that Everyone at Razavi Law Group was extremely patient and helpful. They made sure that I understood everything that was going on from start to finish. If I didn’t get an email update, I got a phone call or a text. They stayed in contact with me through every detail and explained every change. Car accidents and Injuries suck, but this law group made sure to make everything easier. I highly recommend them to anyone. If you need these services, please do not hesitate to call.
Mandy L.
This was my first time being involved in an injury where I needed attorneys. My experience was beyond five stars. Ali and Borna are extremely knowledgeable,…
Paul V.
Karissa and Long handler every step of my case smoothly.
Juliana D.
Words cannot express my gratitude for all of the work the Razavi Law Group did on my behalf. I’d never used a personal injury lawyer before and was nervous…
Jay and Alyssa C.
My experience with Razavi Law Group has been a very pleasant one. The attorneys and paralegals (Gabe and Amber are total rockstars!) were incredibly supportive and helpful throughout the process. Their professionalism and candor made it easy for me to talk to them and ask never-ending questions. Importantly, they provided me with much needed guidance as this was my first time reaching out to an injury attorney for help. Razavi Law Group was recommended to me and I’m 100% glad I reached out to them. They helped with my healing and felt that they really fought for me. I can’t thank them enough for working hard and making me feel like my case matters. I highly recommend Razavi Law Group!!!
Jelie O.
As a client of Gabriel from the Razavi Law Group, I can tell he does his best to make sure no details are left out and is determined to obtain the most by…
davon M.
called for legal advice on an accident for a family member and they were really helpful and responsive
Jon G.
I’m very pleased for all the help and consult that you guys did. I’m very happy of this company. Thank you
Nancy E.
Ali and his team went above and beyond to get us what we deserved They are a great team!
Joseph P.
Highly recommend this Law Firm! Ali, Long and the team were great at listening and trying different methods to get the best results during my accident case….
Jose L.
I am grateful to have had Attorney Veronica Buckels by my side during this legal journey. She provided me with peace of mind and a successful resolution to my case. Thank you Veronica and RLG for everything! Highly recommend them.
Priscila A.
I am very happy with the service I received. They were professional and kept me informed throughout the process of my case.
Smiley G.
This law firm was great handled my case when I was in a accident and made sure i got into doctors right away for our pain and all the staff were excellent so helpful and friendly
Britney M.
Veronica was one of the best! She helped me with my car accident and was their the whole way. I’ve never had a problem with her not being responsive she fit…
Joleene A.
I was seeking legal advice for a friend of mine and was so pleased with this law firm, they were able to quickly give me a free consultation and were very nice. I would highly recommend to my friends and family!
Isleni M.
I want to start off by saying, the whole law firm is amazing! They go above and beyond for you and are very kind and are with you in every step of the way!…
Brandy G.
Great customer service
Carla R.
I was involved in a vehicle collision that was pretty intense. Razavi Law Group was recommended by a trusted friend and I’m so glad I chose Razavi Law…
Alexis S.
My foot was run over by a person working for a ride sharing company and I was left with incredible pain. As I tried “getting back on my feet” people…
Dela S.
The best law firm if you need legal help. They are professional, knowledgeable, and on top of their game. Ambereen especially is so great with what she does. She follows up with you throughout the whole process and makes you feel cared for while she gets the job done. Thank you!
Leila B.
I was a paralegal at another law firm when my furbaby and husband were attacked during COVID. With the stress of work, the impact of the injuries sustained,…
Kevin M.
Ali and his team are the best . They really cared about making things right for me when I hired them for a personal injury case from an accident that…
David J.
Ali and Gabe worked diligently to resolve my legal issue with my insurance provider. They kept me well informed and up-to-date on all the progress and…
Lucia J.
Definitely recommend this law firm! Everyone was very attentive and the communication was always there! I got the best case results thank you to attorney…
Brandon R.
Ali and his team helped me out tremendously. I am so grateful for all of his support and the outcome. He is very professional and compassionate with his…
Andres P.
I spoke to attorney Long and while Razavi ended up not being able to take my case I have to say the advice, care, and guidance he gave me without me even…
Tiffany H.
Razavi Law Group took my case when multiple attorneys told me that my case wasn’t worth taking. I was injured in an auto accident but with Covid-19 I wasn’t…
Ambereen A.
The whole law firm is absolutely accommodating and responsive. Karen is extremely professional and very organized. I co own a provider lien group and she…
Lori A.
Working with Razavi Law Group made settling my claim so much easier. I was tired of explaining my case to the insurance company representing the party that…
Michael W.
I was involved in a accident and I call the Razavi Law Group, not knowing what to expect , and they made me feel like I was part of there family. This is a…
Dorsa Y.
This law firm went above and beyond our expectations for my husband’s case. We didn’t expect such a great outcome. Ali Razavi was so patient, kept his word…
Andrew M.
Quality and great service! I sent in a request and within 15 minute I was already speaking with one of their attorneys who was very helpful and…
Anthony T.
I got into a car accident earlier in the year 2020. That also is already stressful but COVID definitely didn’t help. It slowed everything down to a crawl…
Julianna A.
Ali and his team executed my dog bite injury case in a timely and professional manor. I was hesitant on what a lawyer would do for me and if they genuinely…
Jennifer W.
If I could I would give 10 stars. Mr. Razavi, Mr. Hoang, and the rest of the team went above and beyond. My case was complicated and they navigated the…
Jessica D.
I’m very pleased with Mr. Ali and Long there very professional, very understanding not only do they care about winning your case but they make sure your…


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