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Razavi Law Group
Based on 111 reviews
Razavi Law Group
Based on 135 reviews
Razavi Law Group was awesome! They got me and my family way more than we had anticipated after suffering injuries from being rear ended on the freeway by a company truck. They were all very helpful throughout the whole process and remained on top of everything. I would definitely recommend them to family and friends! Thank you Razavi Law Group for all you did we’re forever grateful!
Johanna S.
02:24 17 Aug 22
Sam was super helpful when I called for insurance advice. Thank you Sam for making sure I was taken care of. Much appreciated!! Do not hesitate to reach out to them, they are here to help you!
Jackie R.
21:30 21 Jul 22
The best law firm if you need legal help. They are professional, knowledgeable, and on top of their game. Ambereen especially is so great with what she does. She follows up with you throughout the whole process and makes you feel cared for while she gets the job done. Thank you!
Dela S.
17:55 19 Jul 22
The service I received was outstanding. I will be recommending to all my friends and family. 10/10
Noemi L.
15:56 15 Jul 22
I needed help with a legal issue and Razavi Law Group was able to give me a free consulation in less than 5 minutes. I couldn’t be more happy with their service! Thank you again!
Gianna T.
20:38 12 Jul 22
I was recommended to this firm by a friend when I was needing legal advice. She was so happy with the way they helped her that I felt very comfortable going to them. They made everything so easy for me and helped me understand everything as well. Would 10/10 recommend them to anyone seeking legal help, they were really great and so helpful.
libby N.
16:46 12 Jul 22
called for legal advice on an accident for a family member and they were really helpful and responsive
davon M.
19:43 11 Jul 22
Razavi Law Group is a professional personal injury law firm that has an organized and modern process. I worked with one of the attorneys who kept in contact with me periodically and was able to answer all my questions. If you are searching for a reliable personal injury law firm I would recommend Razavi Law Group.
Andrew Guida (SoCal Digital M.
23:51 30 Jun 22
Thank you Razavi Law Group for taking my call right away.They we’re able to guide me with all my legal needs. Thank you once again.I Will be coming back, thank you!
Cristal D.
16:36 27 Jun 22
A friend recommended this firm to me when I was needing legal advice. She was so pleased with their service so I didn’t hesitate to reach out. They made everything so easy for me (someone who knows nothing about legal stuff) and helped me understand everything as well. Would 10/10 recommend them to anyone seeking legal help, they were really great and so helpful.
Jennifer B.
17:44 20 Jun 22
I was seeking legal advice for a friend of mine and was so pleased with this law firm, they were able to quickly give me a free consultation and were very nice. I would highly recommend to my friends and family!
Joleene A.
19:24 14 Jun 22
Razavi Law Group is an outstanding law firm. I’ve had a lot of different lawyers in the past and RLG is by far the most knowledgeable with personal injuries. They were always available to answer all my questions and always explained the process in great detail, making me feel reassured the entire time. If you need a solid law firm on your side, this is the place.
Peggy G.
22:13 12 Jun 22
GREAT service! So helpful with understanding the process. All my questioned were answered. I loved the customer service. Everything about this firm is great, good job everyone !
Michelle A.
01:50 07 Jun 22
Extremely professional and answered every question, they helped me every step of the way. Would definitely recommend to anybody who is in need of help.
Hollie M.
00:04 07 Jun 22
These guys are the best in what they do , helped me win my case and always kept me updated will definitely recommend
Omar M.
22:33 06 Jun 22
Thank you guys for all you guys did for myself and family , they informed me every step of the way and kept me in the loop at all times I really appreciated the communication as issues can become very confusing sometimes but with their help I was able to get everything taken care of thanks again
Sam’s A.
22:31 06 Jun 22
Ali and his team went above and beyond to get us what we deserved They are a great team!
Nancy E.
17:26 03 Jun 22
The best experience on choosing Razavi law group.They helped me on the worst time of my life . Thank you everyone 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Mohammadreza H.
23:16 29 May 22
Thanks RLG for your guidance. Needed some legal help and I couldn’t be more happy. Would recommend to anyone.
Cimon C.
23:37 26 May 22
Highly recommend Razavi Law Group. They were very professional and responsive to any questions or concerns I had in regards of my recent back injury. Can’t recommend them enough.
Lyannet M
19:01 25 May 22
Was in a car accident July ’21. Not sure what to do or what questions to ask. Luckily I knew of Razavi Law Group and contacted them. I got amazing help from Ali and Veronica. They checked up on me and helped me through the process step by step and updating me with information. I’m very grateful for all they did! Thank you so much!! 💕😊🙏🏼
Leigha Schultz K.
16:00 20 May 22
Very good information when calling about a situation that has happened to me. Thank you very much. 10/10
jahaziel A.
20:51 19 May 22
What a refreshing experience. They kindly helped with my situation. A+ all the way.
Jake M.
20:00 18 May 22
I definitely recommend this law firm. They took the time to answer my questions and helped me with my situation. Thank you Razavi Law Group for the help.
Kirsten C.
22:52 16 May 22
I was referred to Razavi Law Group by a colleague of mine after an incident I was in. I so appreciated their quick response and although they weren’t able to assist me directly, they were kind enough to answer all my questions and ask me some themselves to point me in the direction of another law firm that specialized in the practice I would need. It’s not often you call a law firm and they’re so willing to help you out genuinely even if they can’t perform the service themselves. I highly recommend this group, very professional and kind people. Thank you for your help!
Mica L.
19:25 16 May 22
I contacted Razavi Law Group after an incident. Although they didn’t practice the area I need help on, they were able to refer me and couldn’t be more grateful.
Alexa Rae B.
18:15 13 May 22
I needed some legal guidance and the team at Razavi Law Group responded quickly and was able to guide me towards the right direction. Thank you for all your help.
Migs F.
16:38 13 May 22
Razavi law group has a staff filled with compassion, knowledge, respect for privacy, transparency , and amazing work ethic. After being referred to them I knew immediately I was in good hands. My case was not an ordinary case and they made it as easy to get through as possible. I will refer them time and time again. If you are looking for a great personal injury firm I doubt there is another one that comes close in Orange County
Jovanni K.
19:30 11 May 22
Razavi Law Group has been instrumental in helping me understand Personal Injury Law. We have been working together for about 2 years. I am always impressed with the level of care they provide for their clients.
Derrick T.
19:09 11 May 22
This place works magic. Karissa Abdallah and Cameron Biedgoly helped me on my case. They were both extremely communicative, answered all of my questions extremely quickly, and were extremely transparent about the entire process. They went above and beyond to make sure my specific needs were heard and attended to, and connected to my personal story as well as doing the “business” necessary for my case. During a process that would normally be stressful, Razavi Law Group took care of everything and won my case with a great payout for what I needed. I will go to Razavi for everything Law from now on. They were recommended by my mother, who also had an incredible experience with them. This is the place to go if you need any help with law concerns.
Miriam G.
00:13 27 Apr 22
Greetings to All, especially to those who have forgot the word patience is “always the Virtue” along this Journey.However I want to Genuinely compliment the RAZAVI LAW GROUP, all of their exceptional Team Players, Ms. Paloma , Nicole and Gabe, and Ali for resolving my prolonged Car Accident (with Injuries sustained 2019).The English dictionary has not complied words nor semantics which express my pain and joy, along this Journey that is part of The Socialization process.To the Human Beings that have doubts or questions regarding Theses 15 letters above ,may i suggest you reread this genuine Praise and compliment i have given to these Diligently Law Group,, Team Players which are located in Mission Viejo and Santa Ana/Tustin borders .Once again i genuinely thank you Ali and Gabe and all of your Exceptional Classy Team Players.Thee Counselor
Paul H.
23:26 26 Apr 22
Very pleased with my settlement I didn’t have to lift a finger they did all the work !! It was a very easy process! I definitely recommend theme !! They answer any and all questions you have . They explain the whole process to you step by step .
Irene O.
22:59 26 Apr 22
Attorney Ali Razavi and his right hand in my case, Attorney Suliman (“Suli”) Jamal, represented me in a complex injury case. The process can be very long, intensive, intimidating, and stressful from the initiation of the case until the settlement. However, with attorneys Ali and Suli at Razavi Law Group, this process was made more suitable and accommodated under their smart handling. They both are highly professional, and they responsively addressed all my questions and concerns during the process. I found them honest, highly knowledgeable, and extensively experienced. This was a deal breaker to make this complex case finalized and settled.During the discovery/negotiation/mediation processes there were some unplanned “hiccups” due to the disrespectful insurance firm of the driver at fault. However, with Razavi’s approach, the settlement was reached to my satisfaction. I witnessed their quick responsiveness, dedication, and their special care. For me, this is what “an Excellent Customer Service” is all about.I would also like to mention Ryan who also professionally helped with the documentation gathering.Based on my special experience with this Law Firm, I highly recommend Razavi Law Group for their experience, wisdom, caring and high level of service. Thank you Ali and Suli for the true pleasure working with you both. After all, ‘People Make the Difference’, isn’t it?!
Shimi T.
22:27 14 Apr 22
Ali and his team are amazing. They been working with me for a couple years and I would definitely highly recommend their service! They are A-1! They made sure I came first and that I am okay. They went above and beyond! I truly appreciate all their hard work. Will definitely be coming back if needed, but hopefully no more accidents again lol. Thank you!
Alina K
03:38 14 Apr 22
Mr. Razavi and those that work with him have always been so helpful and nice. I’ve been able to have Mr. Razavi help me through 2 accidents. Nicole and Amber have always gone above and beyond to help me. Amber especially. She’s offered and actively helped me find any doctors I needed, follow-up appointments and initial appointments, she helped me with. She’s checked on me just about weekly since my accident in 09/2021. Amber and Mr. Razavi care about us and our health and well-being. I highly, highly recommend this accident attorney.
Cassandra T
08:21 11 Apr 22
On the way home from my friend’s wedding my friend’s and I were hit, spun around, and almost flipped over an island in the middle of the street by a stolen car, the drivers proceeded to run away and we were left in the wreck with a few bystanders rushing to our aid. If it weren’t for this amazing team we would not have had the resources to seek treatment for 2 years to get our bodies feeling back to normal. The entire team was incredibly helpful and transparent about everything they were doing and we literally could not have asked for a better team to help seeking reparations and a settlement. I’m glad to say me and my friends are all still walking and functional after the accident, and the Razavi Law Group played a big part in making sure that we were. If you or anyone you know is seeking help this is definitely a group I would recommend them!
Matt X.
23:22 27 Mar 22
Razavi Law worked tirelessly to get the best results for my case! I’m extremely happy with their attentiveness and professionalism. I didn’t have to constantly call them for information, I just let them do their thing and they always kept me in the loop via phone calls or text messages. Veronica and Nicole are amazing!
Trey O.
18:25 24 Feb 22
This was my first time being involved in an injury where I needed attorneys. My experience was beyond five stars. Ali and Borna are extremely knowledgeable, professional, kind, and caring attorneys. I would highly recommend Razavi law group including Amber, Borna, and Ali who personally worked my case and Won!! $$$ If you read this trust me your search for injury attorney is done. You will have the best experience with Razavi Law Group.
Nicole L
03:47 19 Feb 22
Words cannot express my gratitude for all of the work the Razavi Law Group did on my behalf. I’d never used a personal injury lawyer before and was nervous about going the legal route after my accident. After inquiring, I received a personal phone call from Ali and I immediately felt at ease about the process. From beginning to end, his team was nothing short of amazing. They kept me informed every single step of the way and ensured I understood any documents I was to sign or submit. They truly care about their clients and have their best interest in mind. I couldn’t imagine going through this process without them.
Juliana S.
01:44 06 Feb 22
As a client of Gabriel from Razavi Law Group, I can tell he does his best to make sure no details are left out and is determined to obtain the most by working long hours to make sure everything is arranged to the best of his abilities. Since the beginning of handling my case, Gabe has checked up on me and made sure to be precise in communicating every step we took in the process. I was able to easily rely on him no matter how long and hard the experience became, which made me feel comfortable and reassured that all will end with a positive result. I truly feel Gabe’s genuine drive to success and caring personality through every action that he presented to me. I am very grateful for the hard work and kindness Gabe has shown me throughout my case. Anyone that will end up working with Gabe and the Razavi Law Group is very lucky to have by your side. Thank you.
Jelie O.
03:54 01 Feb 22
If you’re looking for personal injury lawyer look no further. The Razavi Law Group provide excellent customer service and keeps you up to date on your case. Veronica Buckels is an excellent attorney and I would highly recommend this firm. I was very pleased with my settlement and the advice she would give. Keep up the good work.
Valerie C.
23:32 05 Jan 22
I would recommend family and friends toTHE LAW OFFICE OF ESLAMBOLY, they stayedOn my Case until they got it resolved I’m happy because I didn’t think I would receive anything they are good people, Thank You allPaulette
Paulette M.
19:56 04 Jan 22
My family and I are very grateful, to Mr. Razavi and his team; who recently helped us to receive compensation and find closure, in the wrongful death case, of my father.He and his team, were very knowledgeable, comprehensive, and efficient. I highly recommend, The Razavi Law Group, to anyone facing similar issues.
Young C.
04:26 13 Dec 21
I want to thank Razavi Law Group for all the help they have done in my daughters wrongful death case. They went above and beyond they even gave me a discount so I would get a farshqre of my money for the case . Iv been working with them for a year and a half on this case and I am truly great full to have such a great law group on my side. Thank you again. Lisa m. Biasi
Lisa B.
23:45 23 Nov 21
Veronica Buckels and the team at Razavi Law Group are second to none. There is so much I want to say about the team, however I will try to keep it short and sweet. They fought long and hard for years to get the compensation deserved for a terrible car accident I was in. They made the entire process easy and seamless. Everything from recommending physicians to see to get the medical attention I needed, to maintaining constant communication to check up on me and give me updates, this team is the BEST hands down. I wish I could give them a rating of more than 5 stars because that’s what they deserve. I have never met a team of individuals who were so personally invested in my well being and getting me the outcome I deserved. If you are looking for the best, look no further, they truly are the best. Thank you for everything!!
19:59 28 Sep 21
I recommend Razavi Law Group to any and everyone, I am very satisfied with the settlement they achieved on my behalf; thank you so much and keep up the good work!
Joshua L.
00:50 08 Sep 21