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What To Do If Injured Due To Aviation Turbulence?

What To Do If Injured Due To Aviation Turbulence in Santa Ana - Razavi Law group

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Aviation Turbulence Injuries: Exploring Legal Recourse for Passengers

Air travel has become a fundamental mode of transportation for millions of passengers around the world. While aviation is generally considered a safe means of travel, turbulence remains an unpredictable hazard. Turbulence can result in various degrees of injuries to passengers and crew members onboard. If you are injured because of aviation turbulence, it is essential to understand your legal rights and explore available options for compensation. The experienced attorneys at Razavi Law Group (RLG), are prepared to provide guidance and expertise to passengers who have experienced turbulence-related injuries.

Razavi Law Group: Trusted Advocates

At RLG, the attorneys specialize in personal injury cases including those caused by aviation turbulence. RLG’s dedicated team of attorneys deeply understands the complexities involved in these cases and is committed to helping clients seek the compensation they deserve.

Understanding Aviation Turbulence

Turbulence is caused by a variety of factors including weather conditions, air currents, and atmospheric disturbances. It can occur at any time during a flight, often when passengers are advised to keep their seatbelts fastened. Turbulence can range from mild to severe and can cause a range of injuries such as minor injuries, moderate injuries, severe injuries, and/or psychological injuries.

Minor Injuries: Bumps, bruises, and minor cuts from being jostled in the cabin.

Moderate Injuries: Sprains, strains, and more significant cuts and bruises caused by sudden movements.

Severe Injuries: Fractures, head injuries, and back injuries from being forcefully thrown about the cabin.

Psychological Injuries: Turbulence may also cause anxiety, panic attacks, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in some passengers.

Liability in Aviation Turbulence Cases

Determining liability in aviation turbulence cases can be complex and depends on various factors such as the pilot’s duty, the airline’s duty, and contributory negligence.

Pilot’s Duty: The pilot has a duty to ensure the safety of passengers. If the pilot fails to follow standard procedures or fails to provide adequate warnings about turbulence, he/she may be liable.

Airline’s Duty: The airline also has a duty to ensure passenger safety. If the airline failed to properly maintain the aircraft or ignored severe weather warnings, the airline may be held responsible.

Contributory Negligence: Passengers who disregard seatbelt instructions or behave recklessly during turbulence may share some responsibility for injuries.

Legal Recourse for Turbulence Injuries

If you are injured because of aviation turbulence, you may have legal recourse for compensation via a personal injury claim, a negligence claim, a product liability claim, or an emotional distress claim.

Personal Injury Claims: Passengers who suffer injuries because of turbulence may file personal injury claims against the airline or pilot if negligence is proven.

Negligence Claims: Proving that the airline or pilot failed in their duty of care to ensure passenger safety during turbulence.

Product Liability Claims: In some cases, turbulence-related injuries may be linked to faulty aircraft components or defective seatbelts leading to potential product liability claims.

Emotional Distress Claims: Passengers who suffer psychological injuries because of turbulence may also be eligible for compensation.

How Razavi Law Group Will Help

RLG will provide clients with essential support, guidance, and legal expertise following an aviation turbulence injury including investigation, documentation, and negotiation, and litigation.

Investigation: RLG’s experienced attorneys will investigate the circumstances surrounding the turbulence incident to determine liability.

Documentation: RLG will help clients gather evidence including medical records, witness statements, and expert testimonies to support claims.

Negotiation and Litigation: RLG attorneys will negotiate with the responsible parties or their insurance carriers to secure the settlement you deserve. If necessary, attorneys are prepared to take the case to court to advocate for your legal rights.

Aviation turbulence injuries can have a profound impact on your physical and emotional well-being. At RLG, our Santa Ana aviation attorneys understand the challenges in the aftermath of such incidents and are prepared to provide expert legal guidance and advocacy. If you or a loved one is injured because of aviation turbulence, contact RLG for a consultation. Your recovery and your legal rights are top priorities, and RLG’s attorneys are dedicated to helping their clients secure the compensation they deserve.