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Meet Omeed Mahrouyan, Esq.


Omeed Mahrouyan, Esq.


Omeed’s extensive medical background, litigation experience, and tenacity enable him to achieve maximum client results. Omeed received his B.A. in Cognitive Science from U.C. Berkeley; he then graduated summa cum laude from Keck Medical School with a M.S. in Neuroimaging and Informatics, followed by his J.D. from LMU Loyola Law School. Omeed’s medical background not only allows him to understand the full extent of his client’s injuries thoroughly but also helps him construct compelling legal arguments. Omeed’s scientific work has been published in several peer-reviewed medical journals, ranging from medical implant MRI safety to medical implant health risks.
While in law school, Omeed was a semi-finalist for the transactional negotiation team. Additionally, Omeed spent his second year of law school clerking in federal court for the Honorable Consuelo B. Marshall and the Honorable André Birotte Jr. Moreover, Omeed’s prior work experience involves working at a mass catastrophic tort litigation firm, where he helped hundreds of clients recover against a utility company for causing the deadliest wildfire in California history. Omeed gives all his clients the fierce, confident, and careful representation they deserve. Omeed is fluent in Persian and proficient in Spanish. Omeed is passionate about technology, business, and improving lives. For fun, he enjoys skiing, playing soccer, and lifting weights.