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What is Turo, and how you can potentially recover after an accident?

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What is Turo?

Turo is a rental car agency that is different from other rental companies. While other rental companies provide their own vehicles, The agency provides customers with an individual’s personal vehicle. Users or “hosts” will list their vehicles and permit renters/customers to rent the user’s vehicle for a set time. Generally, renting a vehicle from Turo is cheaper than renting from other mainstream vehicle rental companies. 
However, one issue that both renters and hosts should be aware of is the possibility of an auto accident. Turo offers insurance coverage that protects both hosts and renters. Hosts have coverage options that provide them with $1,000,000 in liability if someone is injured while in the vehicles, but hosts can choose to waive this option and provide their own commercial insurance. Renters have similar insurance option plans available. Renters also have a $1,000,000 insurance policy option which they may waive and instead provide their personal insurance. 
If you were injured because a Turo vehicle hit you, you were involved in an accident while renting a Turo vehicle, or if Turo did not pay when your rented vehicle was damaged, we can assist you. 
Generally, you can sue Turo if the agency did not do its due diligence in allowing certain individuals to rent a vehicle. Examples include permitting someone with a reckless driving record or someone who did not pass a background check to rent a vehicle. However, Turo does not properly investigate each listed host vehicle to ensure the vehicles are safe or well-maintained because the agency does not rent out its own vehicles. Therefore, if a vehicle had a malfunction or defect, it becomes difficult to hold Turo liable and bring suit. You would need the help of a skilled attorney to assist with your case.
Proper steps to take if you have been involved in an accident with a Turo vehicle?
Follow these important steps:
  • Get medical attention or treatment immediately, even in accidents where you were not severely injured.
  • Call the police to investigate and request a copy of the police report
  • Take pictures of the scene of the accident, the damage to the vehicle, and the injuries you and your passengers sustained.
  • Tell Turo about the accident to allow Turo to contact the host and prepare for an insurance claim.
  • Gather the personal contact and insurance information of the other driver.
  • If any witnesses were present, interview them.
  • Contact us to help with your case.
Depending on the extent of the damage and injuries, you may receive significant compensation. You could be entitled to the following types of compensation:
  • Property damage
  • Medical bills (both past and future)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages (both past and future)
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