Meet Corey Hall, Esq.


Attorney Corey Hall, Esq.


Mr. Hall is a true trial lawyer. He already has more trial experience than most senior partners. This is important because his willingness to go to trial increases your chances for a great result. Mr. Hall isn’t afraid to reject bad offers, and he can’t be bullied by insurance companies. Additionally, trial inexperience makes most attorneys afraid to take a case to trial and these attorneys may advise their clients to accept a low-ball deal because they want to avoid their fear of trial. In other words, they sell their client short because they aren’t confident in their ability in the courtroom.

This could not be more different from Mr. Hall. He loves trial and pours everything he has into his clients’ cases. Whether you prefer to settle your case before trial, or have your day in court, having a true trial lawyer like Mr. Hall by your side will make all the difference.